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smolsys ltd.

smolsys ltd. is a small, Swiss based, privately owned company, specialised in glass packaging of Microsystems, called Glass Sealed Microsystems. Its core competences are the laser manipulation of glass for sealing of gases, micro optics and electronic devices. Applications like illuminating and/or identifying watches, instruments or devices either with tritium gas as source of energy or with non isotopic energy have shown an increasing need in the global market. In this field of products the company can stand as a reliable and flexible supplier and is capable to setup to the needs of its clients in efficient and high volume production of Microsystems.

Additionally to this technical and production knowhow a high level of knowledge on devices for strictly regulated markets are concentrated in our company.

Company activities in the project

Support to the engineering and specification for this MESOMORPH ALL-IN-ON machine for the high volume production of health and medtech sensors/actuators (implants). smolsys ltd. will in parallel build up this prototype machine to do the qualification (homologation of machines in stricly regulated markets) and offer first prototype devices to the partners. smolsys ltd. will also prepare and apply for approvals at the regulatory body and authorities to be able to produce such machines and also to produce with the here developped process. This is all based and focuses on the experience of licencing procedure at smolsys ltd. in health and medtech devices, but also industrial devices like IoT sensors will be studied to be produced on this MESOMORPH ALL-IN-ONE machine. smolsys ltd. will also use its production facility, the so called smolsys ltd.® RadioMedical Container (RMC), to produce in a licensed and approved “cleann room ” infrastructure.