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IRIS srl

IRIS s.r.l., founded in 2012, is an innovative SME specialised in developing applications of laser and plasma technologies focusing on advanced manufacturing and clean tech sector. IRIS employs a team of 15 highly qualified engineers and scientists with a strong and multidisciplinary background in industrial laser, plasma technology, CNC machining, materials, energy, waste and water management. From this knowledge and expertise and successful partnerships with local and international SMEs and research organisations are born IRIS’ most successful ideas and projects. IRIS core business is today the development and qualification of new processes/equipment solution for laser and plasma processing technologies. The process qualification includes cost and energy consumption assessment, eco labeling certification, construction and characterisation of prototype equipment. The company is applicant of several patents and applications: “Device, system, and method for the treatment of liquid waste waters” (EP3023392, US2016145123, BIL18027, BIT22378) and “Device and system for plasma treatment of solid waste” (EP3023693, US10344972).


Role in Fluently: WP2 and WP7 leader