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Heliotis AG

Innovative measurement technology made in Switzerland. Heliotis develops, manufactures, and distributes optical 3D measurement technology for industrial quality control. Our core competence is in the development of CMOS image sensors, FPGA-based cameras, and optical measurement technology. Thanks to our continuous investment in research and development, our 3D sensors are among the most accurate and fastest non-contact sensors in the world. Leading manufacturers of semiconductors, consumer and automotive electronics as well as medical technology rely on the precision and reliability of our products.

Company activities in the project

Heliotis is involved in most work-packages, with focus on the machine sensing system: monitoring of the indivudual modules as well as the machine-wide operation monitoring. This is mainly capured in WP4 (Lead: SUPSI, Heliotis involved in sensing for individual modules) and WP6 (sensing and monitoring, Lead: Heliotis):

  • WP6 All-around nano-scale vision and monitoring infrastructure (lead: HELIOTIS) – Task 6.1 – Design of Process-Machine sensing system (MCH) 
  • Task 6.2 – Design of all-around monitoring system HW architecture (HELIOTIS) 
  • Task 6.3 – Design of all-around monitoring system SW architecture (HELIOTIS)
  • Task 6.4 – High speed data fusion from smart sensors (HELIOTIS)

WP4 Design of Mesomorph modules (lead: SUPSI) 

  • Task 4.1 – Design and optimization of the femto/2PP module (FEMTIKA) 
  • Task 4.2 – Design and optimization of the SADALP module (ATLANT) 
  • Task 4.3 – Design of the pick&place module (MCH) 
  • Task 4.4 – Engineering and realization of the Mesomorph modules (SUPSI)