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Transition Technologies PSC S.A.

TTPSC – Global Premium IT Solution Integrator. Thanks to the power of digital transformation, we change the world for the better. By implementing modern solutions for industry and business, we give priority to what is most important – creativity, competencies development, and empowering the teams that can go beyond repetitive operational activities. TT PSC is a member of the Transition Technologies Group, a leading IT software & services provider in Poland. TTPSC Experience comes from long term & strategic customers and our world-wide presence (Europe, North America, South America,  Asia, Australia). Over 900 experienced specialists, over 1200 completed projects, 9 languages of operation. Key domains: IoT & Industry 4.0, PLM, CAD & Model Based Design, AR, BI & ML, Cloud Infra & Security, Software engineering, IT Service & Asset Management.