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The essence of human-robot interaction
The project

Fluently leverages the latest advancements in AI-driven decision-making process to achieve true social collaboration between humans
and machines while matching extremely dynamic manufacturing contexts.
The project results will be:
1) Fluently Smart Interface unit and
2) the Robo-Gym.
The Fluently Smart Interface unit features:
1) interpretation of speech content, speech tone and gestures, automatically translated into robot instructions, making industrial robots accessible to any skill profile;

2) assessment of the operator’s state through a dedicated sensors’ infrastructure that complements a persistent context awareness to enrich an AI-based behavioural framework in charge of triggering the generation of specific robot strategies;
3) modelling products and production changes in a way they could be recognized, interpreted and matched by robots in cooperation with humans. Robots equipped with Fluently will constantly embrace humans’ physical and cognitive loads, but will also learn and build experience with their human teammates to establish a manufacturing practise relying upon quality and wellbeing.

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